26 October 2016

A Doxology of Praise

This morning I took my usual time to scroll through my Instagram feed, but this time one post captured my attention and it resounded so deeply in my soul.

It penetrated my heart in a way I haven't felt in a long time, and I couldn't help but share it in hopes that it will penetrate others as well.

I just recently started following Ruth from Gracelaced on Instagram. This morning she shared a post displaying one of her art pieces alongside Ann Voskamp's new book, The Broken Way.

In the post, Ann Voskamp is quoted, "Fight back the dark with doxology...doxology can detox the day."

Ruth then added, "The Doxology...is a reminder to turn our heart to praise, finding Him worthy and wholly able to make us, the broken, whole...tell me in the comments how praising God fights back the darkness for you?"

And as I read that, I felt as though what I've been wrestling with so deeply, what I've been struggling with in the darkness, came into the Light so boldly.

It was so simple, and yet I was missing it. The answer came so clearly -

Praise God.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow...

In the darkness, we struggle with all sorts of doubts. The darkness clouds our vision and we muddle in self-pity. Feeling as though God has forgotten about us, or hasn't blessed us they way we wanted Him to. The darkness loves comparison; and jealousy; and resentment.

But in the Light, the Truth is that there are blessings surrounding us each and every day.

Life. Grace. Love. Food. Children. Provision.

How do we even dare to complain? And yet so often we do.

Praise Him all creatures here below...

Nature displays His creativity; His provision. The beauty of the fall leaves.

In the midst of whatever we're facing, we need to choose to praise Him. To resist the darkness and soak in the Light of His blessings and promises. To surrender our hurts; our brokenness; our pain. We will face hard times; we will face difficult circumstances. But choose joy; choose to see; choose to praise.

Praise Him above ye heavenly host...

This is what resounded so deeply. Our babies we've lost in miscarriage; my niece, Rose, who died nearly a year ago in childbirth; grandparents and loved ones who have already passed away but knew the Lord.

They are with the heavenly host - praising the Lord.

Forever. Always. There is no darkness in heaven, only Light. Only a chorus of praise in the presence of the Lord, surrounded by the Glory of the Lord.

Praise Father Son and Holy Ghost...

And we on earth will one day join with the heavenly chorus. But even now - today - we can choose the Light and Praise the Lord with them.

"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!" (Psalm 150:6)

Please understand that I am not minimizing grief. It is a very real part of our hearts and the losses all of us face here in life. But in your grief, don't be overcome by the darkness. Come into the Light and be joyful in hope (Romans 12:12).

May the hope of eternity and the joy of that glorious reunion flood your heart with praise.


Doxology by Gracelaced