Our Nest

Here are some exterior pictures of our "nest", as well as a floorplan. Hopefully this helps you visualize the spaces we are renovating!

These pictures were taken by the realtor, so they capture the house in its original state before we moved in.

The front yard

 The backyard (standing at the shop door)

The backyard (standing behind the house)

Our house sits on the interior of a court, and there is a small wooded lot in the very centre, which is why the back neighbours are somewhat hidden from view. Our lot is 0.6 acre, which is plenty of space, and not too overwhelming to maintain. Honestly, we couldn't have found a more perfect lot for our family!

Here are my rough attempts at drafting the floorplans (measurements are not exact!)

 Main Floor

Second Floor

There is a basement with a rec room, 2 unofficial bedrooms (the windows need to be enlarged to be considered actual bedrooms), and a large storage/utility room. This space is still in its original state, and is a project for another day!

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