1 July 2016

Projects in the Queue

For starters, let me just share that in the past I've mainly posted about projects around our home, as I love renovating and creating a home within our house. However, the post that I wrote after Mother's Day this year about our journey through multiple miscarriages reached more people than I ever could've expected! I was amazed, but also saddened as I knew that my story resonated with many other hurting hearts. I believe that God calls each of us to a unique journey, and that journey is mixed with pain and suffering this side of heaven. But we are not alone, and we can walk it together. I was so thankful that many took the time to send me personal messages following that post - it really impacts me to share our vulnerability and offer encouragement to each other.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I haven't written many blog posts lately, as our renovations have slowed down, but in the past few weeks quite a few friends have asked about our house! They assumed that since I haven't written, that we must be done! Oh friends, renovations are in my blood - I don't think I'll ever be truly done. I have lots of ideas queued up in my creative brain!

Carl and I had a spontaneous opportunity to get out one evening a few weeks ago, and we weren't sure what we should do. So, we drove around new neighbourhoods and chatted about the new designs and colours, etc. that we saw among the new builds. I even pulled out a napkin and was sketching ideas for our house as we spent time just mulling ideas over and dreaming up designs. As the saying goes, different strokes for different folks, but we discovered that we both love to engage our creative sides, and house renovations - interior and exterior - are fascinating to us; therapeutic even.

Now, finances always come into play at this point. And sometimes I admit that I get a wee bit discouraged, as renovations are costly. We always save before we start a project so, slow and steady, things will unfold!

Here are how some of the rooms look at the moment...

We moved the MiniMen into a room together, and it's been a fun new stage for them! It took a bit of time to transition, but they're good little buddies, and sharing a room is a natural fit. I love hearing them whisper at night after we say good night!

And, let me tell you, that clock is ingenious. All parents out there know what I mean!

My brother made the headboards out of pallets, and last summer I sanded and stained them in Minwax Espresso. I love the look, and the rustic wood really suits a boy's bedroom.

Now, this does mean that my nursery is empty. I will admit that I kept MiniMan #2 in his crib far too long, but it was a tad bit emotional to admit that we were no longer in the baby stage. So, this room stays cute and ready! However, it is handy to have a nursery as many of my friends have babies and this space is used once in a while for naps and changing.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As for future projects, my list is lengthy! Here are a few that I have in the queue for this summer...

Still from our original "Phase 1" of renovations, the kitchen backsplash has yet to be done. However, I've finally picked a tile, and ordered it, so this project should become a reality soon!

I picked up this gray buffalo check fabric locally, and plan to make a set of drapes for the family room. I have visions of a custom built-in entertainment unit, but that's not going to happen for a while. In the meantime, a set of drapes will add some dimension and coziness to the room

The basement in completely untouched since we bought the house. It's the MiniMen's toy room, and Carl's man cave complete with a custom home theatre set up. Ultimately we'd like to drywall it and finish it properly; I've considered painting the paneling white, which is a great solution for paneling, but with the MiniMen around, it's just more practical to give them this area and let them be boys. Especially when Daddy plays hockey with them.

But the stairway was getting to me!

Just look at that wall! {shudder} It needs a fresh coat of paint so badly

I also have a vision for the exterior...folks, that '70s almond and chocolate brown is dated! I've love to add a peak to the roof, and a portico over the front door and porch with some craftsman-style pillars, but again, that project is a few years down the road!

In the meantime, I've picked out paint to re-paint the garage and shutters, just to update them a bit

And, our craftsman front door! I'm also planning to paint the front door. I love the crisp white of it, but the trend is to add a pop of colour on a front door, and I figure I can always paint it white again someday if I grow tired of it, right? I'll keep my colour choices for a surprise!

And finally, this set was a good deal on my local swap and sell site, and I couldn't resist the opportunity to try my hand at a bigger refinishing project. I'm hoping to resell this set once I stain, paint, and reupholster it, hopefully for a profit, which will offset some of my other project costs!

So, here's to a full line-up of summer projects! If you wonder where I am, you now know where to find me.

A Tale of Two Endtables

Everyone loves a good furniture makeover, especially a side-by-side photo of the before and after!

(my apologies for the bad photo quality)

I purchased this set of end tables on my local swap and sell site in January, and it was a process to get them to where I envisioned them. But in the end, I'm incredibly pleased with how they turned out!

I didn't take pictures of the process, as there are many, many blog tutorials on furniture refinishing, but I'll list the products I used:

- First I sanded down the tops and restained them in Minwax Jacobean, and then finished them with  polycrylic

- For the base, I used Dulux X-pert Waterborne Alkyd in melamine, tinted in Benjamin Moore's Iron Mountain. I did 3 coats of paint, followed by a finish of polycrylic