19 March 2016

DIY Easter Bunting Tutorial

This week I tackled a quick project to decorate my mantle for Easter. I'll share the steps I did here in case you'd like to make one of your own!

Fabric of choice for letters
WunderUnder fabric stabilizer
Bias tape in colour of choice
Sewing machine

I printed the letters out in Word as mirror images (this is very important - always trace your letters as mirror images or the finished product will be backwards!). I then traced them onto WunderUnder fabric stabilizer.

Next, I ironed the stabilizer to the wrong side of my fabric

And then cut out the letters

I used a paper bunting that I had as a template to cut out the burlap flags. Then, I ironed the letters to the bunting. I was worried that they wouldn't adhere well to the burlap, but I didn't have any problems.

Next, I used a bias tape to stitch the flags together. I measured and pinned the letters 1" apart, and added 2" on either side of "IS" so that the word was a bit separate to help distinguish it.

I sewed a double line to stitch the flags together, and then it was ready to hang!

(The decor is a work in progress...it would've been lovely to have had fresh baby's breath in the mason jar, and some candles on the candlesticks! I'll finesse it a bit more this upcoming week)

Here's how our family room is looking these days...

And, as it's always fun to see...where it started out!

Such an improvement!

Happy Easter friends...Christ is risen - He is risen indeed!


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