30 December 2015

Chandelier Makeover

11 November 2014

Chandelier Makeover

Our dining room came with a lovely brass chandelier...

Wow - looking at the photo above makes me realize that I really need to post some "before & after" photos! I hardly recognize that house. This photo was from the realtor's listing, but I forgot to take a picture of the chandelier before I painted it. Rookie mistake.

I saved it from the dumpster on demo day because I had a Pinterest makeover in mind for it. And also because I knew that our decorating budget would be very tiny after the renos were over, and I was right.

On Saturday, I went out and purchased a can of spraypaint - Rust-Oleum's Universal Metallic paint & primer in one in "Satin Nickel". Canadian Tire actually had the best selection of the line, and I'm really pleased with this shade.

I'm a terrible blogger - I totally forgot to take pictures of the process. In a nutshell, this job was super simple! Carl hung the chandelier outside for me and I sprayed it. It probably took me all of 10 minutes!

We made the mistake of being over eager and decided to install it back in the dining room that evening. It wasn't dry enough so there are some smudges, and we need to connect it properly to the ceiling, but I was impatient and wanted to show you!

Here are the "after" pictures...

And, to follow up with some current pictures of our dining room...

The window in the picture above is going to be replaced with a patio door to the backyard. All of the windows and doors are going to be replaced in December, but until then my house looks very unfinished.

In closing, here's a MiniMan photo of the day...

I couldn't believe it - Old Navy sells a shirt with "Mini Man" on the front! You can purchase your own here.


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