30 December 2015

Living Room Reveal

10 September 2015

Living Room Reveal

It's been a while since my last blog post, so it's time for an update! Today I'd like to take you on a tour of my living room.

I don't have pictures of the process, but today I wanted to share a few pictures of where we are so far. This was the first time I've ever put a room together starting with nothing, and it was more challenging than I thought!

Since it's everyone's favourite part to view, here's a before and after of our living room...

This room stood empty all winter...literally! It was a toddler haven for spinning, running in circles, and playing. Once the basement was cleaned up, we moved all of the toys downstairs and my living room started coming together.

In our previous home we only had one living space. In this house, we have a main floor family room and a living room. So our one set of furniture went in the family room and we've pulled together new items for our living room over the past 8 months.

I started with the rug, and bought the Shay Jute rug from Pier 1 last winter. It's braided so it's actually quite soft, and so far it's held up really well; I also really love the texture and look of a natural rug. This room is not a large space - the rug is an 8x10 size and fits the room perfectly.

Next, I found a great set of French bergere chairs on Kijiji. The original owner told me he paid $1200 a piece, and I got the pair for $550 total! For the size and quality of these chairs, it was a very good deal. I'm very picky with second-hand items, but these came from a gorgeous home - it was clear they were more ornamental and probably rarely used.

The upholstery is still in fabulous condition, although for style reasons I'd like to eventually reupholster them.

In April I hosted a shower for my sister-in-law, and that gave us the push to purchase a couch. I looked for a very long time, but the deadline of a party gave me the motivation to select one! We decided on the Chateau D'Ax Marano from Sears. Leather is just so very practical with a young family, and we wanted a 3-seater couch, without any recliners, and that was comfortable. This couch has fit all points perfectly and I have no regrets about the purchase!

And yes, the shower was successful because of the couch!

The pallet sign was a Christmas gift my sister made for me a few years ago. She's also a fellow blogger and DIYer over at Repurposed Gems

Now, for my very favourite project, the drapes!

This weekend Carl gave me the very best gift of time ever - he and the MiniMen spent the weekend at the cottage and left me home alone. In my nest, with complete silence, and no interruptions! I highly recommend a weekend like this - it was one of the most refreshing times I've had since becoming a mom!

While I was tempted to be distracted by all of the little things in my nest needing attention, I devoted almost all of my time to sewing these drapes.

I purchased the fabric through JoAnn's online, and selected the Swavelle Millcreek line, in the pattern Perdido Paramount Graphite This fabric is the perfect weight for drapes, it's soil and stain resistant, and is the perfect complement to my neutral walls painted in Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter. It was so nice to work with!

I've made drapes before, but this time I did some research and decided to try a more professional style of pinch pleats. I followed Kristi's instructions over at Addicted2Decorating and am thrilled with the results!

The drapes are fully lined, and the back is so neat and tidy!

When the drapes are closed, it looks like a hotel room!

I just love the style and elegance of pinch pleated drapes, and these were well worth the time and effort. 

I'm not totally sure if there is a specific style to my living room, but it's definitely "us". It's neutral, elegant yet practical, and inviting. There's still more to add - I'd like a plant in the corner, and maybe some more artwork for the walls, some lamps, and some more accent pillows. But, these are things that can be added over time.

For now, I'm enjoying this space immensely!

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