30 December 2015

Week 8 Completed

29 September 2014

Week 8 Completed

We are in the home stretch - homecoming weekend is in sight!

In fact, we're working hard to move in next Saturday!!

But I'm trying hard to only be cautiously optimistic...

This week tied up a lot of loose ends, although our list of "finishing touches" is quite long.

So, the big news of this week is....drumroll...countertops!

We chose quartz countertops in "Glacier White", which I realize you can't really see well, but I'll try and do a close up sometime.  Or, you'll just have to stop by and see them!

You may also have noticed in the above photo that the kickplates are on the bottom of the cabinets.  Carl is so good to me...he speaks my love language.  Now the kitchen cabinets just need to be leveled, handles installed (this will really add some bling to the kitchen), and later on we'll install crown moulding.

As you can tell from the photo, I have appliances - and they're working!

I cooked fish sticks on Saturday night, and it was so exciting to cook in my own kitchen, I felt like I had just pulled a roast out of the oven.

Here's the fridge side of the room.

(sorry for the mess...once we move in I won't allow my countertops to serve a double function of "tool bench"!)

Do you know how in the home reno tv shows they talk about "splurge" and "save" items?

Our appliances were "save" items, if you didn't already notice!

I figured the white appliances would just blend in and we could always upgrade to stainless down the road.

But they're kinda white.  As in, different from the cabinets.  But it's okay.  They are used off of kijiji, and I'm thrilled with the deals I scored.

Wanna know something funny?  The fridge is the exact same model and size from my previous house (but it was black).  I'm a creature of habit!  I liked my fridge, and I liked where everything fit!

Okay, let's talk about the best feature of my kitchen this week...another drumroll please...


Running water!!

It just pours into that glorious sink and brings life back to my kitchen!

Now isn't that a faucet?  Ikea again, but I love the farmhouse style and how it coordinates with the sink.  They're made for each other.


Most of the time this past week was spent on trim.  Our firefighter friend is installing it all for us, and I appreciate his work so much.

And, he really likes my pumpkin loaf!  I've made 3 loaves this week!  Hey - anything to keep that nail gun going!

I haven't taken pictures specifically of the trim, but here are the foyer closet doors that he installed.

Carl helped him with this job, and it was harder than they both expected.  I'm really hoping the bedroom closet doors are easier for them.  That's this week's job.


Wanna see the bathrooms now?  I know you do!

Let's start with the ensuite...

Carl and Brad installed the fixtures in both bathrooms on Saturday, as well as both toilets.

Do I need to talk about how excited I am over a toilet?  I didn't think so.

Let's talk about the vanities instead...

Technically, these didn't quite get done in Week 8, but Carl and Brad worked so hard on them, I'm going to count them towards this week.

And, it was kinda my fault they weren't done by Saturday night.  I installed one of the pieces backwards, and they didn't notice until the whole thing was installed.  And it had to come down to fix it.  Oops.

The vanities are the Ikea Godmorgon double vanities with double Odensvik sinks.

I'm really pleased with them!  Here's a snapshot of the ensuite from the doorway.

The shower door is the only thing left in this room!

Here's the main bathroom

This vanity will be featured in Week 9!


And, we'll end with an update in the lives of the MiniMen.

One of the bonuses of living at Grandma & Grandpa's house is that there is a dairy farm next door.  The boys have been entertained by the various farm equipment.  Sometimes I see it through the window and run them out there to watch.

I may have scooped Tyler up and thrown his boots on without bothering to put his pants on.

I don't usually let them run around half-dressed, but I can't remember what was spilled at that moment.  But let's be honest - who can resist those chubby legs in his little black barn boots?!

"Look Mom, a tractor"!

Yes, sweetie, that's a tractor and a manure spreader.

MiniMan #1 in classic firstborn style, "what's that smell?"

Gotta love that fresh country air!  I love that my boys can experience this...it warms my heart.

Just a few more days of crazy long hours at the house.  I have lots of trim to paint a final coat on as the guys continue installing it, then the walls can be painted with a final coat, and then we can pull out all of the furniture and play house!


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