30 December 2015

Preschool with the MiniMen

6 January 2015

Preschool with the MiniMen

MiniMan #1 is 3 years old now, and although there are many great preschool programs available in our area, we've opted out of them. Also, we're hoping to be able to homeschool our children, although we're just going to take it one year at a time, one child at a time!

As a result, I tend to be a tad more intentional about our time together. Although I did look up the list from the Ontario Board of Education of required learning for Grade 1, I relaxed a little as he's already well on his way. The vast majority is taught in our daily lives, chatting away and asking a million "whys".

Yes, the "why" stage...it can be exhausting...

Recently, in my online preschool researching, I came across a recommendation for a children's book called "Big Thoughts for Little People" by Kenneth N. Taylor. You can purchase it on Amazon here

This book is wonderful - it walks through the alphabet, and each page includes a corresponding character lesson, complete with questions at the end (based on the picture), and a Bible verse.  The version of the Bible they use is too unfamiliar for my choosing, but otherwise the morals align exactly with our family. I love reinforcements like that!

So, yesterday I did an arts & crafts morning with the MiniMen - both sitting at the dining room table in their highchairs - and brought out the crayons, construction paper, and a new stamp set MiniMan #1 received for Christmas!

While the MiniMen stamped and coloured, I read the "A" lesson from the book, and they answered the questions.

The Melissa & Doug stamp set was a huge hit!

While they were occupied, I then made a very basic sheet with the letter A, and added a corresponding Bible verse of my choice. As the lesson was on "Asking", aka praying, I chose Jeremiah 33:3a:

"Call to me, and I will answer you"

We've been repeating this each day, and MiniMan #1 is learning more each day to say it on his own.

Then, MiniMan #1 added some airplane stamps, because airplane begins with the letter A!

And now it's hanging on our fridge for a daily reminder.

Funny how my lessons to my own children turn into lessons for me as well...

I'll try to do a letter a week, although the format and activities may change. I really enjoy intentional time like this, and I notice it makes a big difference in their response to me as well. It doesn't need to be extravagant - just a simple activity for 30 minutes or so.


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