30 December 2015

MiniMan #1 turns 3!

26 September 2014

MiniMan #1 turns 3!

My firstborn son, MiniMan #1, turned 3 on September 22nd!

I can't believe it's been 3 years of life with him, and yet the memories of his birth are still so fresh.  Mommy life is one pretty incredible journey!

And I now realize since becoming a mom that birthdays are much more significant for us parents than they are for the kids themselves.  But it's good to have a day to pause and reflect on how far we've come!

On the weekend I approached Carl with the idea of hosting the birthday dinner at the new house.  By that point even Carl could see that it was do-able, so we spent Sunday evening cleaning up the construction zone and setting up our dining room table.

Folks, our house looked like home!

To have couches in the family room and a dining room table and chairs set up was heartwarming for me.

Here we all are with Carl's family (and a few family friends) gathered for dinner...

For birthdays I love tackling a special cake or cupcake idea, although it's usually not the appropriate time to experiment!  They don't always turn out like I imagined, but for my MiniMan these were a hit

Little cowboy cupcakes, that were a Pinterest inspiration, can be found here

He loves hearing "Happy Birthday" sung by everyone!

For a present, we gifted him with a toy tool set, complete with a battery-operated drill!

The funny story behind the gift is that we actually purchased it at Christmastime last year, and it totally got lost in our closet and forgotten about.  I found it while I was packing this summer and immediately knew it was the perfect gift for this year's birthday.

This toy is a total hit!  He wouldn't have appreciated it as much 9 months ago at Christmas, but he is very aware of Daddy's tools now with this renovation, and he was so proud to have his own set!

I like it when it's the little things provide so much pleasure!

Happy Birthday, MiniMan...you are one special little boy to all of us!

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