30 December 2015

Powder Bathroom Reveal

5 May 2015

Powder Bathroom Reveal

It's been a while since my last post!

Many of you have been asking about other projects, and yes, we are still working on things!

One of our bigger projects in February was finishing the powder bathroom, and I'm happy to share with you that we're really pleased with how it turned out. I've been anticipating this reveal as it's probably one of my favourites.

I've had visions of how different rooms would turn out, and some have turned out slightly differently than I had imagined. But the powder bathroom is truly the bathroom of my dreams!

Let's start with a "before" picture, so that you get the full picture...

Oh that glorious 80s wallpaper!

The first weekend we had at the house, one of the projects I tackled was the wallpaper. Here's an instagram shot that I took that day

While we renovated the rest of the house, this bathroom stayed in a functional state. I can't believe I don't have a picture of it, but this bathroom was fully demo'd except for the toilet. That way all of us working at the house had a functional bathroom to use.

But it was primitive. There was a door and a toilet, but everything else was removed. Plywood subfloor, no trim, no vanity. We used the laundry tub around the corner to wash our hands!

Once the upstairs bathrooms were functional we took out the powder bathroom toilet, and the empty room became our tool closet!

It actually remained a tool closet until February. That's embarrassing...

Anyways, in February we finally had the time and cash to tackle this last bathroom. My brother and his girlfriend came up for a weekend visit and I successfully managed to convince them to help me with the tile!


I was so excited to tackle this job with my brother.

However, we got about this far when I had a bit of an accident...

I fainted. Between the small space, the up-and-down nature of tiling, and my ever-low iron levels, I fell face-first onto the subfloor. Thankfully, I hit the subfloor between the freshly laid tile and the pipes sticking out from the wall for the sink. It could've been much worse for both me and the tile!

Needless to say, my day of tiling came to a halt.

However, my brother's girlfriend came to the rescue and helped my brother complete the job!

A few days later we grouted the tile with a white, unsanded grout

I just LOVE my white porcelain hexagon tiles! We actually ordered them from Home Depot in the US, and they can be found on their website here

After the tiling was completed, the trim and painting was done.

I'm not a great photographer, and it's hard to capture paint colours, but the colour I chose for the bathroom was Sherwin Williams' "Sea Salt". A very popular colour, and I'm so pleased with it - it's the perfect shade.

The rest of the finishes came together quite quickly...

This mirror came from HomeSense, and the light fixture was from HomeDepot

A fun element is this nightlight from Scentsy

The pedestal sink was a kijiji find! I like pedestal sinks in powder bathrooms as they're small spaces to begin with. This sink allows for more floor tile to be showcased!

The faucet was actually the only original fixture that we kept!

And my very favourite drapes that I made for our last house, and took along with me.

The fabric is  Garden Crewel in Sea Glass by P. Kauffman

And a fun art piece that I found at HomeSense

Indeed, my home...

Thanks for letting me share this project with you!



  1. Your bathroom update looks lovely. I'm getting ready to use Sea Salt in my bathroom, but have no clue which SW white to use with it. Would you mind sharing with me the trim paint you decided on? Thanks

  2. Your bathroom update looks lovely. I'm getting ready to use Sea Salt in my bathroom, but have no clue which SW white to use with it. Would you mind sharing with me the trim paint you decided on? Thanks

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I'm not actually sure what the colour of our trim paint is. It's just the standard paint sold by Benjamin Moore. It's Regal Select, White 6551, in semi-gloss. We used it throughout the house. I have seen that many people use BM in White Dove for trim. But the SeaSalt is still one of my favourites - it's been in the bathroom for the past 3 years and it's still a shade I love. Good luck with your project!