30 December 2015

More Demolition

16 August 2014

More Demolition

As promised, a few more photos of demolition day now that my camera has returned!

The kitchen counter was (unfortunately) recently redone with huge porcelain tiles.  This monster was a massive effort to remove!  I had the privilege of taking the first swing...

And then everyone else proceeded to take a swing...it's a guy thing...

Also a great stress reliever!

Here's a clip of Carl - to give you the full idea of what was involved!

In the end, it took all hands on deck to get it out

Another job Carl and I did the first week was re-label the electrical panels.  They were rather disorganized (and mislabeled), and two firstborns can't live with disorganization!  I went around and tested every outlet and switch while Carl labeled in the basement.  We're a good team that way.

On Monday this past week, a mason came and repaired the bricks where the hearth was.  It didn't need to be perfect, as I'm in the process of painting it white (more on that later).  But we were incredibly pleased with his work.

Carl added self-leveler on the floor where the hearth was and we'll lay the laminate planks on top.

We're also changing the layout of the kitchen a bit and moving the stove to another wall.  The mason replaced and repaired the bricks where the old exhaust fan was located.  I couldn't even tell which bricks were new!

Here's the basement room where all of our boxes are currently stored.  I share this picture only to show another job that Carl and I did in Week 1 - we removed the drop ceiling in the entire basement.  There was nothing wrong with it, and originally we planned to leave it, but in the end it was easier to work on HVAC, electrical, etc. without it in the way.

Another job that our drywaller completed this week was adding a wall/doorway into the laundry room/mud room.  While I like open-concept rooms, this area has nothing show-worthy.

One evening this week I packed up supper and took the MiniMen to the new house to join Carl.  Our first meal together at the new house!  MiniMan #1 wants to sleep at the new house and asks everyday.  I do too, buddy...sigh...

We stopped to pick the tomatoes too!

Slowly, but surely, things are coming along!


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