30 December 2015

Week 6 Completed

15 September 2014

Week 6 Completed

This week ended much better than it started, leaving me incredibly excited for Week 7's post!

The end is in sight, folks...I'm starting to prepare for "moving day"!

But, before I get ahead of myself...

"Patience, Alicia"...I hear this multiple times a day from my dashing husband

Sigh...why is he always right?!

The weeknights this week were filled with odd-jobs.  I plugged away at finishing the kitchen cabinets while Carl worked on replacing all of the almond electrical plugs and switches.

One night I put in all of the kitchen cabinet shelves

And then I put on the doors

Ahhhh...it's looking like a kitchen now!  They still need some adjusting to hang level, and the handles still need to go on, and the kickplates needed to be added to the bottom, and the crown moulding to the top, but in my opinion they are functional.

And the pantry...that thing just doesn't like me.  It has given me so much grief!  This was the one cabinet that the Ikea pictograms didn't tell me exactly where to put the drawers.  It left it up to personal preference, so I went ahead and put them in where I thought made sense.

And then the door hinges wouldn't fit.  So, they all came out and back in again.


And then the bottom basket thingy was still in the way. So it came out for a third time.  I nearly had a "Nellie Olson Moment", but it was nearly midnight so we just left it.

I still haven't fixed it!  But I promise I will this week.

In my blog reading this week I came across this post on Nellie Olson Moments by The Nesting Place, and it was a read-aloud moment to Carl.  We both had a good laugh!  Renovating can bring out the worst in anybody!

I haven't had a total Nellie Olson Moment yet, but I have shed a few tears on a few of the trips home.  Everything gets overwhelming and dismal at midnight, which is usually when we head home every evening.  We're tired, but we carry on...

As my sister once said, "The couple who renovates together, stays together".

Okay, end of ramble.  Back to the house...As I was saying, Carl replaced all of the electrical plugs and switches.

This is the simplest way to instantly update a house!  What a transformation from those almond ones.  Once the final coat of paint is on the wall, the cover plates will go on.


To prepare for the countertop installation, Carl and Brad made sure everything was set for the sink plumbing.  They put the sink in temporarily and called me in to see

Is that not a thing of beauty??

A total 36" of glorious sink!  A farmhouse sink was in my vision for my dream house and Ikea totally made it a dream come true.  What a deal this sink is!


On Saturday Carl and Brad started working on adding ceiling lights to the bedrooms (the switches currently only control one plug to operate a lamp).  This is another item that instantly updates a room!



On Friday my Brother-in-Law Glen and one of his co-workers began working on the trim.  They started with hanging bedroom doors.

Doors are another necessary item before we can move in with the MiniMen.  And now all 4 bedroom doors are hung as well as the basement door!

(The kitchen is through the doorway on the left, and the foyer is to the right, and I'm taking the picture from inside the family room, just to orient all of you!)


Our bathrooms have taken the longest to complete.  It just seems to take a lot of coordination to get the timing of each task right, and the tiling held us up a lot longer than I would've liked.

On Friday, the tile installer finally came, and boy was I glad to see him!  It is very possible that I might have a bathroom functioning by the end of Week 7!

By the end of Saturday, he had finished installing all of the Schluter DITRA in the foyer

The main bathroom tile was down (not yet grouted)

The Schluter Kerdi (a waterproofing membrane) was up around the main bathroom tub

The Schluter DITRA was on the floor in the ensuite

And the Kerdi again is up around the ensuite walk-in shower


On Saturday some dear friends from our church small group offered to take care of the MiniMen for the day while I began the huge task of painting trim.  It was pouring rain outside, but Carl helped set things up in the garage and off I went.  I think I got about 1/3 of it done that day.

It's a tedious job, but there's something relaxing about doing a job like that.  It recharged the introverted side of me.  Maybe it was the sound of the rain outside.  Or the MiniMen-free day.

Whatever it was, Saturday was a lovely day of working on my nest!


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