30 December 2015

Week 5 Completed

8 September 2014

Week 5 Completed

Things are slowing down a bit, which has me slightly anxious, but the things that are being done are finishing items!  So, our house is starting to look a lot more like home these days!

The major item that was completed this week was the installation of the carpet.  So plush and soft and cozy...I cannot wait to set up our bedrooms!

The feeling of being able to walk bare-footed in our house was indescribable...we've come so far!

I brought MiniMan #1 with me to take some photos...

Climbing the stairs for the first time!

"Dis sooo soft, Mommy!"

He had to make "snow" angels in is new bedroom

The hallway to the Master bedroom...

The Master bedroom

Going down the stairs to the main floor

And the steps into the foyer


Our evenings this week were filled with installing the Ikea kitchen cabinets.  Working with crooked ceilings and walls (which is normal), is more difficult than one might think!  And the measuring - oh the measuring -  it takes a looong time!  I didn't quite expect it to be so challenging, but in the end we're really glad we took the time to get it right.

Here's the wall with the pantry and fridge cabinet

And the rest of the kitchen.  There will be a stove in the left space, a sink under the window, and a dishwasher to the right of the sink.


After a massive rainstorm on Friday, the sun broke through, the humidity lifted, and Sunday was a gorgeous day.  After church we came home and took a few pictures of the boys running through the lawn at Carl's parent's place (where we're currently camping out).

MiniMan #2 looks so grown up in his little Sunday collared shirt!

I love his endless joy, his love of exploring, and his fascination with collecting rocks

Me and my MiniMen...kisses for Mommy!

And MiniMan #1...I can't believe he'll be turning 3 in just a few weeks!

Until next time...


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