30 December 2015

Moving in...

23 October 2014

Moving in...

Now that we're actually home our pace has slowed down a bit.

We didn't realize just how tired we were, but going to bed at 10pm and having the kids wake us up out of a dead sleep at 7am, for a few days straight, made us realize just how good sleep felt!

Yes, we accomplished a lot in a short period of time, but there is a long list of finishing details still ahead of us.

And unpacking - phew! - what a huge job.  I thought packing was tough, but unpacking is much more tedious because I have to find a new "home" for every item.

But, here are a few snapshots from life around the "nest"...

Last week our gas line went in.

This called for breakfast at the living room window, which was entertaining to those on both sides of the glass!

Our HVAC is all going to be converted to natural gas (it's currently oil) the first week of November.

My biggest task is the trim.  After it's installed and caulked, I go around and fill all of the nail holes with this putty (it turns white when it dries).

Then, a quick sand...

And the final coat of paint

Our painter asked  me to cover the caulking with trim paint, and he's going to edge it with our wall paint.  So, my job is easy!  It's fairly quick once you get into the groove of it.


This is a very typical scene in my kitchen - there is always one or two MiniMen on a chair pulled up to the counter.  They taste-test whatever I'm preparing, or chatter away about whatever, or play in the sink. Sometimes it drives me crazy as I try to get a meal on the table in time, but I know these are moments that impact their lives so I breathe deep and remind myself to be patient. All you moms out there can relate, right?


One of my main requests after we moved in was to complete the tub and showers.  I didn't need both, but just one would do.  You see, we didn't have a curtain rod or doors installed, so showering was...well, difficult!

But, Carl installed the curtain rod in the main bath last week, and then Brad helped him with the shower doors this past Saturday.

We installed a hotel shower rod, and I highly recommend it!  What a difference that arm room makes! I also used some Pinterest idea of installing the rod higher than normal to give it an illusion of height.  It works!  But I have to still order a long shower curtain (this is just the liner) that will hang properly.

The glass doors are fabulous!  I worry about the cleaning and maintenance that they're going to require, but I have to admit, they look rich.  It's just a Maax kit, but we're really pleased with it.


And, since moving in, we've had some fall festivities going on - including Thanksgiving!

I managed to fit in some pie baking just in time (I had to dig through boxes to find my pie plates and rolling pin!)

MiniMan #1 is helping me make whipping cream at the cottage...

And, in typical fashion, MiniMan #2 always makes an appearance when the food is ready to be sampled...

We also had some fun at Abby Hill Farms on the weekend - they have a fabulous fall pumpkin display and lots of free activities for the kids.  Did I mention it's all free?! Music to my Dutch ears!

John Deere tractors lined up to sit in...

A semi-circle of round straw bales to run and jump on...

 A box of cow-corn with John Deere toys to play with...

And rows of pumpkins for photo shoots!

Okay, maybe that was a few too many pictures for one day...time to go home!

Happy Fall, everyone!


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