30 December 2015

DIY No-Sew Window Cornice

31 March 2015

DIY No-Sew Window Cornice

This is the first window treatment I've ever made that didn't require any sewing!

So very easy - why have I never thought of doing this before? I've spent hours measuring box pleat valances, and this one probably could have taken me one afternoon - if I had no kid or cooking interruptions! In reality, Carl made the wood box for me weeks ago, I finally wrapped it during the MiniMen's naptime earlier this week, and we hung it quickly one evening once they were asleep.

I opted for a fun window treatment in our mudroom/laundry room, and this is the absolute perfect one for it!

For those interested, the fabric I used was Cinnabar in colour "Mist" by Prestigious Textiles.

I had Carl make me a box out of plywood. He simply screwed the sides together

I bought thick quilt batting from my local fabric store and doubled it up. I laid it on the floor and snipped the corners to ease the folding

Then I layered everything, starting with the fabric

Nothing was cut extremely straight - preciseness isn't necessary for this project. All of you middle children can give a sigh of relief, and all of you firstborns like me can trim it straight later!

Then, wrap up the edges and start stapling! While the edges didn't matter, I did keep an eye on making sure the pattern was even along the edge of the cornice

I stapled the top and bottom first, and then the sides last

Here's the finished, stapled cornice box

Next, we added the keyhole brackets (that's probably not the technical term, but it's what it looks like). We wanted to hang it in a way that it could easily be removed if we wanted to open the windows to clean them, or later add a blind. This was a fantastic solution and works perfectly!

The keyhole slips over a screw that Carl anchored into the wall for me

Ta-da! (that's MiniMan #2's latest word)

 I'm really pleased with how it turned out!

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